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Back to Work for Me

My free book contest has ended and the winners have claimed thier prize.

Since I am not occupied with promoting a contest or giveaway, I was able to concentrate on doing some illustrations for my new book. I also did some experimenting with coloring the illustrations in Photoshop. This worked quite well for me and it came out rather nicely. See my work that I did with the working cover of my book that displays on my home page. It took me quite a while to color just that one image. But I have the technique down now so it should not take so long to do the other illustrations. I'm rather excited now that I know how I'm gonna do the colors for my images.

I think I'm motivated again to work on my book images. I think I had lost my motivation for a while because I had stopped working on my images for months. But I'm back on the horse now.

To see my most recent book illustrations, u can see my facebook page. Just click on the facebook icon at the bottom of this page and it will take you to my author page.

Have a nice day.

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