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The Babysitter and Us

Being a mom....there is a lot to it than most people admit. So, it's been really challenging keeping my website and facebook stuff up to date. But, I'm still attempting to do what I can. I have a babysitter, but I end up doing stuff around the house when she is here. She is only here from one to two hours because that is all baby will wait till he needs to breastfeed. But, the help she gives is really appreciated by me and the baby likes her. It's also nice that she lives in town and can come to our house. I had to strike out a lot of people cause they could not come to the house or they were not in town. Yet, it worked out just fine in the end.

I was able to hastily get a blog post done on my wordpress site a few days ago. To view the hastily written blog, see the following link:

This is short as I can't keep my eyes off of baby for more than a few seconds. He is sitting and crawling and getting into everything. Sometimes, he will do things he should not in the blink of an eye. Like eating cardboard. I had to pluck it out of his mouth the other day. He was just laughing at me as I stuck my finger in his mouth to peel it off the roof of his mouth. He's a handful.

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