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January - February 2016
Working on the illustrations for my next book in the PinkBoat series.
March - April 2016
Working on adding color to illustrations for Bad Day book. 
Also took drawing class to learn charcoal drawing technique. 
May 2016
Working on formatting my book, Kathlean's Bad Day. It is Part 2 of 3 of the PinkBoat Series. 
Baby arrived on May 12
June 2016
Finished working on formatting Kathlean's Bad Day. However, the colors came out wrong on the borders of the pages and some of the text was not properly placed so I had to work on fixing the mistakes. Since baby is here, it will take me a while to correct the text and colors. 
July - December 2016
Worked on correction of mistakes in second print of book, Kathlean's Bad Day.  
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