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New Book



The Beginnings


I am still working on my new book. The setting for my new book will take place in the school atmosphere.  It will also be a continuation of my first book, A PinkBoat Adventure. My new book will detail what happened after getting of the boat. However, the time is a month later after summer break is over. There will be some intrigue as the questions will not be definitely answered about what happened during that month, but hinted at instead.......just like in my first book. I don't want to take away the adventure of my first book by revealing everything in clear detail in this next book. I want my readers to be suprised and  have fun thinking about what is actually going on in the story.


I want my books to entertain and encourage the imagination. I don't want to be the one to give all the should be able to think and come up with the solutions themselves. That's the fun of having an make the story the way you want it to be. 


I also don't think it is necessary or important for my books to have a happy ending. That's not realistic and rather shields the child from the reality of life. Life is and can be happy, but it also requires going through hard times. I prefer my books having no certain/actual ending. That is the way, I see, to imprint the story upon the mind and keep the mind thinking and wondering. 


Update - Feb. 7, 2016

I have been working diligently on my illustrations and I am now in the adding color phase. I have also decide on a title. It is going to be "A PinkBoat Adventure-Part 2: Kathlean's Bad Day". My book shows that even though you have a bad day it doesn't mean that it has to end on a bad note. Also, it shows that you need not be a victim to a bad day and that there is a silver lining in every bad day if we just look for it instead of concentrating on the negatives. 


Update - Jan. 21, 2019

I have finished with the putting together of my book for publication. It is ready and can now be sold. It took me a while because of my child. I had to use whatever little time I had....which wasn't much. So, with every little bit of time I had available that I wasn't using to sleep or eat, I worked on my book or book-related stuff. So, now I am finally here to end goal and my book is finally complete and published. 

For right now, it is only available at, but I am working to get it available on I have already submitted it to amazon through and it should take 6-8 weeks for it to be available on amazon if I did everything correct. 

If you would like to take a look at my book and consider buying it, here is the link.

Happy shopping!

Happy reading!

Initial Illustrations


These are just starter illustrations. I did these to get an idea of how I wanted the scene to look. So, I later added more to the images/illustrations to make them more defined and eye appealing. 


Images will expand when clicked. I also added some descrbing information to each picture that can be seen when clicked on. 



Model size of human.jpg
Sitting at Table.jpg
Bus Inside.jpg
At School - On Wall.jpg
At School - Wondering.jpg
In Bathroom.jpg
In Cafeteria Line.jpg
Eating In Cafeteria.jpg
Reaching for the Buffet.jpg
Walking Down Hall Toward Voice.jpg
Boy Putting Flower in Hair.jpg
Stopping Boy's Hand.jpg
Kids Laughing in Class.jpg
Passing Note - 2 People.jpg
Hand Holding Folded Paper.jpg
Clearning off Desk.jpg
At Bathroom Door.jpg

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A Chosen Working Title

I have a title for my new book: Kathlean's Bad Day. It is a continuation of the story in the first book.

Final Illustrations

Since I have finally decided on what all my illustrations will look like and I have completed them I can now post them here. 

#1 Breakfast 3
#2 Waiting For Bus 2
#3 Walking into Bus 2
#4 Sitting in Bus Talking 3
#5 Sitting in Bus Looking Away 2
#6 Kids and Kathlean in School Yard 3
#7 Sitting on Wall 3
#8 Waving 6
#9 By Sink 7
#10 Getting Food 7
#11 Eating Lunch 4 Diagram
#12 Tripping from Crack 4
#13 Flower in Hair 6
#14 Grabbing Hand 5
#15 Laughing Class 4
#16 Hallway 6
#17 Passing Note 2
#18 Note 7
#19 Crumpled Note at Desk 2
#20 Bathroom Door Drawing 3
#21 K and C meet 4

Illustrations - Colored

I created a video on my author youtube channel with the colored images I will be using in my printed book. Of course there are some color or formatting changes. Here is the video below. 
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