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Reviews for A PinkBoat Adventure

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Book Review


This review that I recieved was not a glowing or positive review of my book. However, the man did take the time to review my book. Also, it shouldn't be unexpected to recieve a not so good review. After all, each person likes a book for a different reason. I don't like every book I read, some more than others. Nevertheless, I really didn't expect this kind of review for my book. I, of course, think my book is just the way I wanted it to adventure for the imagination.


Reader's Choice

Book Review


I Really liked this review that I recieved. It says exactly what I wanted my book to convey.



K: The Showcase

4.5 Stars


This is a review from a fellow author and it is on However, I wanted to put this on this page anyhow because I thought her review was more valuable since she got input from her child regarding my book.



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