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January - February 2017
Working on packing and moving preparations from California to Kansas. Took flight with baby to Kansas while husband drove there to transport needed baby items like crib and high chair. Could not work on much book stuff at this time.
March - April 2017
Stayed with my sister till the new place was available to move into. Had to wait till the people with the furniture for the house arrived. Also had to unbox the stuff. Took about a week to unpack and place all the necessary stuff. Could not work on much book stuff at this time. 
May 2017
Settled into the new house in Kansas. Celebrated baby's first birthday by having everyone in the family come over for fun, cake, and pizza. Still couldn't work on book stuff yet. 
June - July 2017
Worked on keeping up with house chores and baby. Also worked on my website when I had time. Could not find enough time to work on book corrections yet. 
August 2017
Found a babysitter and decided to hire a cleaning service so that I can find some time to decompress and not be too busy. Will it work? 
September -December 2017
Brought baby to library for the first time and he really liked playing with the kids there. Brought him to the mall to play on the rides they have there for kids. He enjoyed those too. Had to find indoor things for him to do since it was getting cold outside.
Finished working on book corrections and continued to publish newsletter and write stuff on my website and other author platforms whenever I was able.
Received another nice review of my book. 
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