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An Old Painting

So, I came upon a painting that I did in early 2016. It had been discovered when I opened a moving box and emptied it. I decided I would hang it up in the bathroom. When I first painted it, I didn't really like it. But now that I have looked at it again years later, I actually like it. I appreciate how it looks and how I painted it. It's always so hard for me to paint something and like it when I do paint something. I always look at others and think that their painting looks much better than mine. It only helps me to remember that it is always in the eye of the beholder if something looks beautiful or not. It also makes me realize what else do we see every day on a daily basis that we disregard and don't appreciate just because it is there every day and we are just accustomed to seeing it there. We can also apply this line of thinking to people that we have in our life. Do we appreciate them and tell them? Do we make sure they know we appreciate them? Or do we just take advantage of them always being there and don't say anything to let them know we appreciate and love them?

Take a look at the painting and ponder a little bit. Then, don't forget to take action on the thoughts you just had if they are a good inspiration to you.

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