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How many books do you need?!

I've always liked reading since one of my teachers in middle school forced us to read a book in class. It was a long book and nobody really wanted to read it. It was the Incredible Journey or White Fang. Right now I can't remember which book it was because I am a tired out, breastfeeding mom of a seventh month old who is crawling and getting into everything. Anyhow, I like to read books regardless of where I read them. Whether it is while I am in the bathroom, eating breakfast, on an airplane, etc. I read to learn information and sometimes just for a fun story to read that isn't a true story.

Lately, I have been concerned about weaning and how to actually do it correctly. It's very confusing to me and the pediatrician visit until early February. That will be when my boy is nine months. So, to me that is a little late to get information on weaning. I know that I could call, but I don't have lots of spare time to make calls because of baby. So, I decided to get some books on weaning. I was only going to get one at first, but they are all different. They all focus on different aspects of weaning. There are also different methods of weaning as well. So, I ended up getting four books on the topic of weaning. So far, I have read one and am now reading two more at the same time. Yes, I can read more than one book at a time.

( I have read the above book already. )

The books I have about weaning.

I showed the books to my husband and he made a rather incredulous remark that I didn't really expect of him. Yet, he is the one who is always complaining about something so I should not have been surprised. He replied, "How many books do you need?!" I told him that each concentrates on a different part of weaning, so I needed all of them. I don't think he really understands how important it is to get weaning correct. I didn't either until I actually finished reading one of the books.

I'm really glad I got those books. Now I have two more to go because one is a recipe book. You don't really read recipe look through them.

I created a blog post on wordpress on this same subject. To take a look at my post see the link below. It will take you there. Enjoy!

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