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The Result of Reading 3 Books on the Same Topic

In my last blog, I wrote about ordering 4 books on the same topic (weaning) though each book was concentrated on explaining a different aspect of weaning. I finished reading 3 of the 4 books. One was a recipe book, so it's not really reading material. Yet, there is some reading in there. I decided to put the recipe book off till later since I am now reading a book on naps and how to get the child to nap. That is my next problem to solve: getting baby to nap daily....he doesn't do so every day and it is usually just an hour nap when he does nap.

Back to weaning now. Reading those books was helpful. At first I thought I had not been given the information that I was looking for. However, it just wasn't written plainly and the information that I needed I did obtain by reading those books. One of the books on weaning was all about Baby Led Weaning and I find that book didn't contain accurate information. After reading the book, I was made to understand that baby will eat whatever you give him if he likes it and will chew it or spit it out. However, this was not correct to assume. My baby won't take to chewing things with his gums unless they are really soft. So, I have to peel the skin off of the inside of orange wedges for him to want to eat them. Even then, he will end up with a lot of pulp on his tongue and is uncertain if he should swallow it. I just end up scraping it out of his mouth. Just today, he was pushing a piece of watermelon around in his mouth for at least five minutes and hadn't decided if he wanted to swallow it or spit it out. So, I got it out of his mouth even though he was unhappy I did that. I just gave him more of another food that he could swallow. Evidently, all books do not contain accurate information. This is one example.

However, I did learn a lot of good information. At first I didn't know about how babies could not have added sugar or salt in their foods. The pediatrician didn't even mention it to me. Good thing I only started out with pureed foods and didn't try to give him any foods that I eat. So, this is one example of how reading those books have been helpful.

I now understand much more about weaning and I try to understand what are the things I need to do to the food that will make my baby want to eat them. He evidently needs things that aren't hard to chew without teeth since he only has his front teeth so far. Now that I know this I can more easily choose foods for him. He likes bagels too....I just peel off the hard outer layer of the bagel and eat it myself.

So, yes, those books have been very helpful in helping me to understand how to introduce more foods to my baby. However, not all books contain accurate information, so it's important to not go by whatever you read. The book has to be written by a credible author.

I'm getting tired, so I am ending this post and will be off to bed soon.

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