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Moving Chaos and Settling Down Lulls

It took us a while to get moved into the new place. We went from CA to KS and it took from end of February to end of March to just get settled. Yet, there are still things lying around that need to be put in their places.

Baby is finally accustomed to his new surroundings and is sleeping what I would call normally for his temperament. Husband just landed in Haiti today where he was sent for his job. I just got my washing machine and dryer installed earlier this week. So, everything and everyone is getting to where they need to be. Wait a minute! I'm up past midnight and I'm typing this and I'm supposed to be in my bed! I guess I mis-spoke!

Eventually I am going to start working again on my book corrections. I intend on being able to get them done rather quickly if sickness or baby don't get in the way again. I'm working towards a publishing date of the last day of September 2017. Wish me luck! I need it to get this done with my demanding baby and having almost no free time on my hands unless I cut into my sleeping time.

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