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Doing it All?

It's really difficult taking care of a baby and trying to take care of the house all by myself. I really can't do it all. I am really run down and exhausted. So, I have hired a cleaning service and a babysitter. It is just too much work to do, just like I thought it would be. I had no problem telling others that it would be impossible for me to do by myself. I asked my family for help and some said they would help. However, only a few really do help me now. Nobody really wants to help clean the house cause it's not fun stuff. Also, some of them think I'm lazy and can do it all by myself. They think I am just complaining. But that is what people do when they really don't want to help someone.....they make excuses.

Anyhow, I am hoping that the babysitter and the cleaning service I have hired can help me out. I am hoping for some down time so I can actually think and get stuff done on my book. But we'll see how things really turn out. Right now, baby is sleeping and I'm typing this out. He doesn't sleep for long spells, so I have limited time to type this blog out. I keep expecting to hear him cry any moment now. It's been about an hour, so I think I should end this blog now. I expect him to wake and cry for me soon.

I will work on my book stuff and another blog post once I get the time to do so again. Here's to hoping it is soon. :-)

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