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Being a Breastfeeding Mom is a Challenge in Today's World

I didn't think breastfeeding would have so many challenges when I decided to do it for my first baby. However, now I know the truth. The world just isn't made for breastfeeding moms. It doesn't have much to accommodate us in public. Us breastfeeding moms would appreciate a chair in the bathroom and a properly air conditioned business during the summer months. Otherwise, we have to stay cooped up in the house or very close to the house for all those months we choose to breastfeed and not use a bottle.

I use bottles sometimes but I prefer to use breastmilk in them. However, I don't always get to pump. Sometimes I am too tired at night to take the time to pump. Other than nighttime, my boy is always feeding during the day so there is nothing I can pump since he is always emptying them. So, at night is my only time to get to pump when he is sleeping. However, I don't get to nap much during the day because he won't nap much during the day. So, I only pump if I am really full and can't sleep from the pain and he won't be awake.

So, the other day, when I was going to be taking an hour long drive somewhere with baby I took a bottle of breastmilk. However, I accidentally spilled half of it. So by the time I got to where I could feed him he was totally having a fit from hunger. It was really hot outside so he didn't want to eat in the car and kept crying. The area was unfamiliar to me and I was in a panic to get my boy settled down to eat, so I just went to where I thought I would find a decent place where I could feed him. I ended up mad that it wasn't as I expected, but I was able to feed him in not so ideal conditions. I am still annoyed at the situation I was in and that my boy wasn't able to feed comfortably. The kid friendly restaurant I supposedly thought it was turned out to be anti-breastfeeding conditions. Never knew it would be so hard to find an ideal place to breastfeed.

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