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"PinkBoat" Author (Me) is Moving to California

Well, looks like I'm moving out of NC and on my way to the opposite side of the United States. Me and my husband are on our way to California....and we are driving there. So, it'll be a long drive. I'm making a stop/ detour in Kansas to visit family for a few days. Then, I'll be off again on my way to California.

On my way to Kansas I had to drive through the National Forest of West Virginia as well as the Daniel Boone Forest. It was a very beautiful scenic drive, but it was rather stressful. What with all the curves and the frequent changes in altitude. There was one point where I didn't need to even step on the gas as the incline of the hill was doing all the work for me. Thank goodness for cruise control also. It makes driving long distances so much more better. Innovation and creativity goes a long way in helping to make the lives of others better.

So, I'm not going to be posting too much on this website since I'm traveling. Also, the moving in to the new house will take some time also. But, by the time July gets here, we should be all settled in our new place.

Till then,

Kathleen Ivan

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