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Almost 1000 page visits

I created this website in March of this year and I'm almost at 1000 visits. Thankyou to everyone who took some time to take a look at this website. And thankyou to those who actually purchased my book. I believe my book is very interesting and engaging for children. It gives them a workout of the mind to read my book. Let me stress that it's a fun workout for the kids.

I have been reading books, but they don't appeal to me enough to post them as a reccommendation here on my blog. However, when I come upon one I would reccommend for children, I will surely post it here in my blog. Actually, now that I just wrote this I do have a book to reccommend that I just read recently. It's a little too early in the day so that's probably why it slipped my mind. Plus, I've been busy with art class and art club. I also got sick recently for two days. The dog next door also kept me up last night a little longer than I would have liked......2 am. Grrrrrr....But I will be posting this book reccommendation sometime soon. Probably on Tuesday because I will be busy with class and a social engagement on Monday. I have painting I want to do today as well.

Till Tuesday. :-)

Kathleen Ivan

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