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Facebook Likes and New Art Class

What have I been up to since my last blog post? Quite a bit, but not a lot at the same time. I have been posting on my facebook page and taking a new art class. The facebook page is almost at 40 likes. I need two more to have 40. I had 39 likes yesterday, but somehow someone must have unliked my page. I wonder why because I think my facebook page is rather fun. I also make it a point to not post too much things so as to burden the newsfeeds of my followers. I usually just post once a day. Sometimes I won't post daily though as I will be too busy with other stuff or I just don't have any idea what to post. Anyways, you ought to go to my facebook page and click the like button along with the "get notifications" setting. I think you will like the notifications that I send you.

I also am taking another art class. This time it is digital photography. "Photography is art?!", you ask. Yes, it is considered a form of art. Just take a look at the classes offered at your local college and you will see it listed with the art classes. So far, we have lots of reading to do in that class. Of course we are taking pictures as well. I received a new camera for xmass from my husband so I am learning to take photos with a neat camera. It has detatchable lenses. So, it's that kind of camera. :-)

Enjoy your day. :-)

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