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Life in the Desert

I am happy to see all the various flowering bushes and trees out here in the desert. There seems to be a lot of sand everywhere and not a lot of greenery, so that's what made me happy to see flowers blooming everywhere and in so many places. I found some flowering cactus and some flowering bushes. Even a flowering tree.

I like seeing flowers growing in unexpected places. To me, these are unexpected places since this if my first spring in the desert. Here are images of a sampling of the flowering plants that I have found. I took all these pictures with my own camera.

A flowering cactus in the backyard:

A flowering bush in the backyard:

A nice pink bush in front of the nieghbor's house. The wind was blowing a lot that day.

Pink and white flowered bushes used as a property line that seperates our home from the nieghbors.

A flowering cactus bush growing in the neighborhood. Towards the bottom of the image, u can see a yellow and black bird. I didn't know at the time I took the picture that it was there. :-)

Here is the crop of the bird in the bush.

A flowering tree in town at the local grocery store.

Flowers along the sidewalk in town.

So, u can see through these pictures that there are a variety of flowering life forms as well as colors out here despite it being the desert. Not all is parched, sand, and cactuses. However, the sun often gets in the way of seeing these and makes you just want to run inside where there is AC. I still don't prefer the desert though. :-)

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