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Dogs and Cats

I really don't like dogs. Yep, I said it. Why don't I like them? They are noisy. They bark when I'm trying to sleep. The neighbor's dog that is. How is it that someone can let thier dog bark at night? Are they deaf? Inconsiderate of others? I actually don't care about the reason. I just don't like dogs for this very reason....they are noisy. Also, they are slobs that you have to pick up after.

Cats are so much better. They don't bark. Meowing is so much more less noisy. Cats also keep themselves clean. Of course, if they have long hair then you will have to clean up after them. However, I like the short haired cats.

The only dog I like is the siberian husky. A friend of mine used to have one of these and it was always getting in trouble with the other dogs she had because of its energy. They are beautiful dogs to me. Other dogs just don't cut it against this kind of dog.

If I ever had to choose between a husky dog or a short-haired cat, I would go for the cat. Cats are less problematic and more independent than dogs. Though, there was this one cat that was always drooling on me. LOL....

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