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Goodbye Tablet.....Hello Laptop.

I'm really happy to have my new laptop since it means no more tablet use. I can't stand using a tablet because it is hard to type out paragraphs in a decent amount of time. Also, it's just for viewing stuff online and not really for working like I do. I really don't get why people like tablets. To me, I see that they only do video viewing and facebook posting if they use tablets. I had a tablet before my laptop had broken. I had it for years but hadn't used it because it was never convenient to use. I still don't like it even after having to use it for weeks. It's just not a contender for the versatile uses of a laptop. Yep, tablet users are a total mystery to me. I'll take my laptop any day over a tablet.

I am also a photshop user. So, I am also relieved to have my laptop because Photoshop can't be used on a tablet. Ya, the tablet does let u edit photos in some ways. However, the options are not as good as the options available on Photoshop. I was using Photoshop CS2 on my old laptop, but now I'm doing a free trial of CS3 to see if I like it. If I like it, I may decide to do a monthly payment plan. So far, I like the CS3.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Photoshop CS3 will do for me and my illustrations for my new book. Get lost can go back into the storage case. My laptop is here now with Photoshop and its versatality. Farewell. :-)

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