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Free Wooden Sailboat

I have been working on a giveaway for quite a while. The item is finished now and ready to find a new

home for itself. To enter to win it, all I need is your email. I bought the wood pieces of a model sailboat, then I sanded and painted the wood. I cut, colored, and sewed the sails. Thus, it is handmade by me. I gave it a $10 value because of all the work I added to it. The wooden pieces were $2 but value was added. Thus the $10 price value. This prize can be a poking hazard for small children because of how it is constructed and the hardware that is used. It is not a toy, but it is a model. Thus, it's not be played with. It is meant to be used as decoration only.

To enter or see further details, click on the following link.

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