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March 2016

I have been pretty busy. I actually forgot to update this blog. I have been busy with baby stuff, book stuff, and family stuff. I am nearly finished with the coloring of my illustrations for my new book that is coming out later in 2016. I have two illustrations left to finish if you don't include the cover. I have been going to baby appointments and attending events just for the fun of it. I can't just concentrate on book stuff and baby stuff. I like to have some free time to think of other stuff that don't revolve around these topics. After all, life is more than just a few topics. I also have gone to a pottery class and I am taking some drawing lessons. I have also taken a baby class. I and my husband also went to a social function together. Then, u add in all those things that need to be done daily or regularily throughout life. I am also making a dress because I know how to sew.

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