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Discount, baby, and new book Images

If you would like a discount on my children's book, see the newsletter at the bottom of the home page. It will give you my email through which you can contact me to get it set up to send your way or to someone you choose to send it to as a gift.

I am expecting a baby in mid May, but I'm going to try to keep up with what I have been doing regarding my author work. But if you see a gap in my postings that is larger than my usual then this is why. However, I'm gonna try to keep up with everything. I do have a husband so he should be able to help so that I'm not overwhelmed. This is our first child so I don't know what exactly to expect or how things will go. Wish us luck!

My next book illustrations are coming along. I am just making sure the colors in all the illustrations are done well. So, I'm doing color revisions to all my images. I want my images and the whole book to look well done for all of you readers/parents. So, it's worth all the extra time.

Till next month. :-)

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