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Being a Mom isn't Easy

I knew that being a mom wasn't going to be easy. However, I didn't expect that I would have issues with breastfeeding. I knew I wouldn't like getting up at all hours during the night. However, that is only one thing. I didn't consider the diaper changes, burping baby, and getting him back to sleep. Here's a little article on my perspective/feelings regarding this big part of becoming a mom. I think we need moms to be more honest about the hard work involved in being a parent.....especially those first time moms. I would not have had such a hard time if I knew what I was in for. I really hate it when things are glossed over. I do better when I know what I'm in for. Moms, tell the truth about your doesn't make you any less of a "good mom". It makes you a real person. Being real should be what it is all about.

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