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New Book Progress With Baby

I thought I was finished doing formatting for my new book, Kathlean's Bad Day. However, when I ordered a proof copy of the book, there were a number of corrections that needed to be made. The color for the border of the pages was yellow instead of green. Also, for the two page spreads, some of the text could not be seen because they were at the center of the book. Then, the order of the pages were flip flopped. Also, the cover was crookedly printed. And each page had a white border only at the bottom.

I am now working on making the needed revisions to my book. I am working on the interior pages first. I will work on the cover last. It has been taking me a while to get these changes made because I am always having to take care of baby, take care of myself, or get some much needed sleep. I have to pick and choose what is more important when I have a few spare moments to do anything. Since husband is at work for a majority of the day and sleeping at night to rest from work, that doesn't leave much time for him to take over for me during the week. So, on the weekend is usually when I get a chance to "get rid of baby" for a little bit. But right now, baby is uncharacteristically sleeping on my lap while I am typing. Usually, he does not fall asleep on my lap and will awake at any movement and cry. So, this is a nice change.

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